My Butterfly Transformational Beauty is revolutionizing the beauty industry by creating skincare products that deliver consistent, provable results. That's why all of our product development is based on Innovation and Efficacy.


Skin-Smoothing Super Hydration in 30 minutes, once per week with My Butterfly’s Skin Rejuvenation Systems.

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With My Butterfly, every new Consultant is special, no matter what your background or your goals. If you’re ready for an exciting and satisfying way to create new income, you can be sure of a warm welcome as a new member to this ever-growing family.

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Transform your skin and your life with My Butterfly. As an Independent Consultant, you”ll have a new source of income that”s totally in your control. You can be your own boss, set your own hours, earn extra income or extraordinary income! This is a business on your own terms and truly about you becoming beautifully balanced in your personal and professional life.